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Electricians forums

We were recently sent an email from the team at Merton Electricians (, asking what the best forums are for electricians in the UK. While we don’t have any experience with them, we do like a good challenge here at forums lair! While a simple Google search will show all the different forums for UK electricians, it’s not a guarantee that any of them will be any good, popular or well-frequented. So we’ve done some research to sniff out what the best forums would be!

The is the first result for a Google search. At first glance this forum seems fairly good. Its members seem fairly active, it has a range of discussions and membership is free unlike some trades forums. one criticism we have of it is that it isn’t very well laid out, and looks like the design hasn’t been updated in quite a few years, this can make it difficult to find your way around the site and makes everything look a bit samey. One very big pro for this community however is just how deeply specialised the boards are; there are boards for very specific and specialised topics such as Underfloor heating, hydroelectric power, broadband maintenance and electrician’s training, as well as off-topic discussion.

Talk Electrician Forum

Talk Electrician Forum is the next hit. Again, this forum is free to join, though it does ask you for some details about your training and skills. While this forum is better designed than, it is not anywhere near as active. It seems that most discussion is localised to a few certain boards. It doesn’t have as many specialised boards, but it is much easier to navigate the site to find which topic you want. It also looks cleaner and natural to use.

The Screwfix Electricians Community

While this one isn’t a specific electrician’s board, strictly speaking; it is a great resource. It is very active, and while it doesn’t break down into separate areas of discussion for electricians, it does have very value and content-filled threads. Because the community is also part of the wider screwfix forums, it also means you can get advice from another profession if you ever need it, without having to find another community to join and participate in. Signing up is very easy, and you can even do it with your Facebook account.

Electricians Chat

Moving back to electrician specific sites, this one seems fantastic. Again sign-up is free, but this board really focuses on developing the community in the forum. Not only does it have an active community, with almost all boards having a post within the past 2 weeks, but there are also events and meet-ups organised by the community and the board moderators. Finally, there is a forum called The College, specifically for use by trainees currently in education for the electrical trade. the design of the board also works very well, it’s easy to follow, very clean and easy-to-use.

IET forums (The Institution of Engineering and Technology)

These forums are unique in that you can only access them if you are a current member of the IET, but this means that only the most professional, correct advice would be given to you if you have questions or a request. It also seems like the most active community of all those we’ve looked at, from the looks of the boards that are publicly available. Of course restricting who can join means that if you aren’t a registered electrician, then you can’t access a lot of the discussions, and while this isn’t always needed for a layman, for those electricians still in training or education, not being able to access this information is a great loss.

We hope this post has been useful for you guys at Merton Electricians, and if you’re in another sector or want us to investigate certain forums, then contact us here to let us know!

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to the new Forum Lair blog! This blog will be all about informing you about important forums around the internet. We hope to grow into a large enough resource that we become the wikipedia of forums, but we’ll see how things go! If you ever want to contact us, then click here!